McDonald’s Menu Prices South Africa

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Here is a list of latest and up-to-date McDonalds menu prices (South Africa).

Item Price


McFizz R28.20
Fuze Tea R23.63
Creme Soda R13.77
Bonaqua Still R19.93
Disney R13.58
Powerade R23.14
Stoney Zero R11.61
Coke Zero R11.71
Sprite R13.77
Fanta R13.99
Coke R13.99
Apple Juice R20.13
Fuze Lemon Tea R26.48
Orange Juice R21.01
Choc Hazelnut Iced Coffee R31.75
Hazelnut Iced Coffee R31.93
Caramel Iced Coffee R31.93
Vanilla Iced Coffee R31.93

Breakfast Meals

Boerie and Egg with Small Cappuccino R31.59
Boerie Breakfast Bun R31.50
Boerie and Egg with Juice R27.78
Egg and Cheese Muffin Meal R40.37
Egg and Cheese Muffin R22.23
Hot Cakes R31.13
Boerie Breakfast Bun with Fries and Drink R39.14
Breakfast Wrap and Drink R41.23
English McMuffin R18.34
South African Breakfast Meal R72.72
Boerie and Egg Meal R38.96
Boerie Breakfast Bun with Coffee and Fries R33.07
Egg McMuffin R29.59
Boerie Breakfast Bun with Juice and Fries R33.07
Egg McMuffin Meal R46.37
Boerie and Hashbrown Stack with Short Filter Coffee R44.46
Sausage McMuffin with Egg Meal R48.89
McChicken Muffin R36.17
McChicken Muffin Meal R52.80
Sausage McMuffin R30.13
Sausage McMuffin Meal R46.52
Sausage Egg McMuffin R31.54
Mega McMuffin R41.32
Mega McMuffin Meal R57.37
Breakfast Wrap R32.12
Breakfast Wrap and Small Apple Juice R35.07
Breakfast Wrap Cappuccino R36.35
South African Big Breakfast Alacarte R50.11
Breakfast Wrap Coffee R40.86
South African Big Breakfast with Coffee R61.78
Boerie and Egg Alacarte R22.15
Breakfast Wrap Small Orange Juice R38.85
Sausage Egg Meal R39.86
Big Breakfast R61.19
Boerie & Hashbrown Stack R29.90
Boerie and Egg Coffee Meal R32.08
Boerie and Egg Juice Meal R32.08
Oats R16.54


Jalapeno Chicken Meal R58.46
Chicken McNuggets R66.69
Grand Chicken Special Meal R99.15
Grand Chicken Spicy Meal R99.15
Chicken Foldover Spicy Meal R101.14
Chicken Big Mac Meal R79.18
Grand Chicken Special Medium Meal R99.03
10pc Chicken McNuggets R62.72

McDonald's Limited Time Offer

Quarter Pounder Chilli Cheese Meal R97.40
Belgian Choc Pie R27.90
Quarter Pounder Chilli Cheese Burger Only R65.30
Chilli Cheese McFlavour Fries R34.10

Exclusive Big Mac® Deals

Big Mac and Chicken Big Mac Combo R151.90


Double Cheese Burger Meal R76.96
Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese Meal R115.73
McFeast Medium Meal R117.77
Cheeseburger À la carte R31.57
McRoyale Medium Meal R98.20
Quarter Pounder With Cheese Medium Meal R92.11


McDouble Small Meal R50.60
Cheeseburger Small Meal R37.90
Jalapeno Chicken Small Meal R37.90
Double Jalapeno Chicken Small Meal R50.60
Grand Chicken Classic Meal R79.96

Festive Season's favourite

Double Cheese Burger À la carte R43.90


Short Filter Coffee and Homestyle Doughnut R26.22

Promotional Meals

6pc Jalapeno Cheese Snackers R32.50
Chicken Foldover Meal R72.64
Spicy Foldover Meal R67.64
Ginger Melon McFizz R20.56
Snack Box R119.90
Smarties McFlurry R29.90

Sharebag Meals

Share Box Beef R190.74
Sharebag Beef R234.95
Chicken Sharebag R208.97
Combo Sharebag R234.95
Share Box Combo R190.74


Spicy McFeast Meal R98.16
McFeast Meal R96.56
Double Quarter Cheese Meal R75.65
Grand Chicken Spicy Hot Meal R69.37
Grand Chicken Jalapeno Meal R68.38
Grand Chicken Garlic Mayonnaise Meal R68.38
Grand Chicken McChicken Sauce Meal R68.35
McRoyale Meal R74.49
Quarter Deluxe Meal R54.58
Two Cheese Meal R47.99
Two Cheeseburgers Meal R55.47
Cajun Chicken Meal R60.95
Fillet O Fish Medium Meal R46.98
Big Mac Meal R50.36
Spicy Cajun Chicken Hot Medium Meal R42.99
Veggie Burger Meal R50.17
Chilli Cheese Double Meal R55.29
Veggie Meal R42.99
McChicken Deluxe Meal R44.40
Cheeseburger Meal R39.89
McChicken Deluxe Spicy Meal R44.40
Boerie Double Meal R44.16
BBQ Double Meal R53.58
Quarter Cheese Meal R50.99
Big Tasty Meal R83.32
Quarter Pounder with Cheese Meal R67.05
Grand Chicken Meal R58.50
Jalapeno Chicken Double Meal R52.63
6 Nuggets Meal R46.99
6pc McNuggets Meal R53.28
6pc Spicy McNuggets Meal R53.90

Breakfast Extras

Chilli Cheese Fries R34.90
Spicy Chicken McNuggets R36.26
Hashbrown R21.91
Fries R13.94
Boerie and Egg Burger R33.88
Boerie and Hash Brown Stack R34.98
Boerie Double R37.38
Boerie Burger R27.79
Sausage McMuffin with Egg R37.44
South African Breakfast R60.92

Limited Lunch Menu

Cheese Burger R23.24
Hamburger R20.50
Boerie Double Regular Meal R54.51
Boerie Burger Regular Meal R41.72
McChicken Meal R50.46

A la Carte

Big Tasty R64.27
Big Mac R40.75
Cajun Chicken R36.45
Chicken Foldover R50.55
Double Cheese Burger R32.39
Double Hamburger R27.49
Double Junior Chicken R29.12
Double Quarter Cheese R46.84
Fillet O Fish R29.01
Grand Chicken Garlic Mayo R49.12
Grand Chicken Jalapeno R48.73
Grand Chicken McChicken Sauce R48.73
Grand Chicken Spicy R53.80
Grand Chicken Spicy Hot R45.09
McChicken Burger R32.77
10pc McNuggets R51.67
McFeast Burger R67.73
McRoyale R50.25
Spicy Foldover Alacarte R44.50
McFeast Spicy R75.07
McFeast Spicy Alacarte R58.72
Quarter Deluxe McRoyale R40.98
Quarter Cheese R40.92
Quarter Pounder with Cheese R56.95
Spicy Foldover R51.96
Cheeseburger R24.14
4pc McNuggets R26.79
Junior Chicken R20.63
6pc McNuggets R35.71
Four Pack Nuggets R23.00
Six Pack Nuggets R30.50
Ten Pack Nuggets R44.90
Veggie Burger R32.80
Jalapeno Chicken Single Alacarte R20.72
Jalapeno Chicken Double Alacarte R27.28
BBQ Double Alacarte R26.62
Boerie Single Alacarte R22.54
Boerie Double Alacarte R25.96
McChicken Deluxe R33.00
McDouble Burger R20.00
McChicken Deluxe Spicy R33.00
Chilli Cheese Burger R31.41

Extra Large Meals

Extra Large Big Mac Meal R58.73
Spicy Foldover Extra Large Meal R78.01
Chicken Foldover Extra Large Meal R77.94
Extra Large McChicken Meal R53.66


Strawberry Shake R25.47
Chocolate Shake R25.47
Vanilla Shake R25.47

Happy Meals

Happy Hamburger R43.18
Happy Meal Hamburger R61.03
Happy Cheese Burger R43.18
Happy Meal Cheesburger R61.67
Happy McNuggets R52.17
Happy Nuggets R37.69
Happy Junior Chicken R43.18
Happy Meal Chicken Burger R55.57
Happy Corn Hamburger R43.18
Happy Meal Veggie Burger R44.27
Happy Corn Cheese Burger R43.18
Happy Corn Junior Chicken R43.18

Hot Beverages

Tea R21.49
Filter Black R21.92
Filter Black-Tall R31.57
Filter White R22.73
Filter White-Tall R31.57
Cappuccino R26.50
Cappuccino-Tall R36.57
Standard Latte R22.83
Latte R26.87
Latte-Tall R36.30
Hot Chocolate R27.71
Hot Chocolate -Tall R36.57
Americano R22.10
Long Black R14.58
Americano -Tall R31.57
Standard Hot Chocolate R23.67
Cappuccino Standard R26.87
Hazelnut Mocha R37.90

Large Meals

Chicken Foldover Large Meal R69.01
Large McChicken Meal R45.65
Spicy Chicken Foldover Large Meal R69.90
Big Mac Large Meal R50.69

Medium Meals

Spicy Foldover Medium Meal R59.90
Chicken Foldover Medium Meal R74.89
Medium McChicken Meal R36.54
Spicy McFeast Medium Meal R109.49
Big Mac Medium Meal R41.48


Green Salad R35.94
Crispy Chicken Salad R59.69


Pack Nuggets R23.08
Mini Corn R11.59
Medium Corn R17.19
McBites R24.29
Medium Grand Chicken Meal R60.52
Medium McChicken Deluxe R39.90
Medium BBQ Double Deluxe Meal R40.17
Large Grand Chicken Meal R69.52
Medium McChicken Deluxe Spicy R39.90
6pc Spicy Chicken McNuggets R30.50
Large Cajun Chicken Deluxe Meal R52.90
Large Spicy Cajun Chicken Deluxe Meal R52.90

Hot Drinks

Large Filter White R23.33


Chocolate Oreo McFlurry R33.50
Caramel Oreo McFlurry R28.41
Oreo McFlurry R37.11
Hot Belgian Choc Pie Sundae R42.27
Chocarra McFlurry R33.32
Strawberry Oreo McFlurry R28.38
Plain Sundae R22.54
Chocolate Sundae R25.70
Caramel Sundae R25.70
Strawberry Sundae R25.70
Apple Pie R23.38
Blueberry Muffin R25.26
Chocolate Chip Muffin R25.18
Caramel Muffin R28.50

Small Meals

Boerie Single Small Meal R27.63
Jalapeno Chicken Single Small Meal R27.92

Cold Beverages

Cappy R15.77
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About McDonald’s in South Africa

McDonald’s is a popular fast-food chain in South Africa, with a menu that offers a variety of options to cater to different tastes and preferences. The McDonald’s menu in South Africa includes a range of burgers, chicken sandwiches, McNuggets, fries, and more, as well as seasonal items and special deals.

One of the biggest draws of McDonald’s in South Africa is the affordability of its menu. McDonald’s menu prices in South Africa are competitive and accessible to a wide range of customers, making it a popular choice for fast food lovers on a budget.

Another appeal of McDonald’s in South Africa is its convenient locations and speedy service. The chain has outlets in various locations across the country, and is known for providing efficient service, ensuring that customers are served quickly and efficiently.

In addition to its affordability and convenience, McDonald’s in South Africa caters to different dietary needs and preferences, offering vegetarian and vegan options, as well as items that are low in calories, fat, or sugar.

McDonald’s in South Africa also prioritizes the use of high-quality ingredients, sourcing its meat, dairy, and produce from local suppliers, ensuring that the food is fresh and of high quality.

Overall, McDonald’s is a popular choice for fast food in South Africa, thanks to its varied menu, affordable prices, convenient locations, efficient service, and commitment to using quality ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a quick and tasty meal on the go or a place to catch up with friends over a quick bite, McDonald’s is a reliable choice.

To find out more about McDonald’s, visit their official website at McDonalds homepage.

McDonald’s South Africa FAQ

How much is a happy meal in South Africa?

Happy McNuggets – R52.90
Happy Nuggets – R37.69

How much is a big mac meal in South Africa?

Big Mac Meal – R44.40

How much are McDonald's fries in South Africa?

Fries – R13.94

How much is iced coffee at McDonald's South Africa?

Coffee Long Black – R18.30